Write and solve an inequalities for x

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Solving Inequalities

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Solve an Inequality. This page will show you how to solve a relationship involving an inequality. Note the inequality is already put in for you. Please do not type it anywhere. Just fill in what’s on the left and right side of your inequality.


60 Chapter 2 Solving Systems of Equations and Inequalities Lesson WWhat You Will Learnhat You Will Learn Step 4 Substitute x = 8 and z = 0 into an original equation and solve for y. 3y Write original Equation 1.− 6z = −6 3y − 6(0) = −6 Substitute 0 for z.

It can either be written as x > -1 and x x inequality with an "or" represents the union of the graphs of the inequalities. A number is a solution to the compound inequality if the number is a solution to at least one of the inequalities. Writing and Graphing Inequalities How can you use a number line to represent EXAMPLE 1 Writing Inequalities Write the word sentence as an inequality.

a. Section Writing and Graphing Inequalities Solve the equation. Check your solution. x + 3 = 12 x − 6 = 8 11) Write a rational inequality with the solution: (,)∪(,) ©l d2G0O1j6w cKluptian [SRoFfWtUwaaQrOeF aLdLdCZ.^ B rAglolx `r_iCgXhctIsH yrgeqsge_rXvPeQdt.W y aMXaCdEe` RwliLt]hr ^IXnifgiynTiOtFeM gPHrXeAcIaElxcdu`lNu`sR.

The solutions of an inequality can be represented on a number line which is shown in the following examples. Example: Represent the solution set of inequality x + 4 ≤ 8, where ‘ x ’ is a whole number.

Write and solve an inequalities for x
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